In addition to all the community tools the PhiCube Analyzer has to offer, there is live voice chat during the day and during training through ventrilo. This download is well worth the time installing it so you can follow Bo during training.

First, download and install the "client i386 Windows" program under "Downloads" at .

Open Ventrilo on your computer.

Choose your "user name" in the top box of the chat window. Do this using the right arrow at the top of the chat screen. Please use your PhiCube handle in Ventrilo as well.

The next box is the "server" box. Click the right hand arrow which produces a "Connection Editor" box.

Click "New" to set up connection to the Wave3 server.

In the "server name" box, type Wave3.

In the "Host name or IP" box, type

In the "Port" box, type 3245.

Server password is phicube

Click "OK" which will get you back to the chat window.

Click "Setup" and select the first three boxes in the upper left hand corner.

Go to "Hot key" box on the same page to set the key you want to use to talk.

Click OK.

Click Connect and we're ready to talk!

See you in Ventrilo voice chat!