The PhiCube Analyzer is a community investment program allowing the sharing of information between users.  You can share the contents of any content module.  These modules are chart(template), study, alarm, watchlist, prism, quotelist, portfolio, search, and theme.  Have you found a great search for stocks, share it; created a cool new theme, share it; built a new study, share it; found an awesome template, share it, etc...

You can share information with other users through one of three methods

  1. Live Sharing - Allow others to watch the changes you make in real time.
  2. Link in Chat - Add a link to chat and chat history that any user can click on and see your content.
  3. Link in Blog/Forum/Email - Paste a link in either the forums, blogs, or email. When another user clicks on the link it will load the module and display your contents.

Live Sharing

Right click in a chart, watchlist, prism, quotelist, alarm, or search and select share.  The chat server will automatically register your share and allow other users the ability to connect to it.  Another user can either 1) click on your name with an underscore in the chat handle list, or 2) click on the menu circle, click "Connect To Share".  A new window will pop up with a duplicate of the module you are sharing out.  You can have multiple users join the share, then as you change the content (i.e request a new symbol for a chart) the users that have joined your share will see the changes.  This is a great mode for training.

Link in Chat

Anytime you want to share your PhiCube Analyzer window (not web browser) with the rest of the club, right click and select copy to chat (it might be under the export submemu)..  A link will be added to chat that any user can click on and the window will pop up with the content you had at the time you made the link.  This is great for showing evidence supporting a point you are making in chat or for just sharing a new study or theme you made.  The link will remain in the chat history so it will be available to future users also.

Link in Blog/Forum/Email

This is the latest way to share information.  You can now add a chart(template),, study, alarm, watchlist, prism, quotelist, portfolio, search, and theme link to your forum posts and blogs.  First, click 'Edit Profile' at the top of this page and make sure you have set the editor pull down to advanced or enhanced.  Next, right click in the PhiCube Analyzer window (not web browser) and select copy to clipboard (it might be under the export submemu).  Then using the advanced or enhanced editor just click paste and the link will be added where you cursor is.  There is a bug in the editor that adds a little window with the data in the editor but once you click save it will not appear in the forum or blog.  When your post is done click save, and now any other user can click on the link and it will activate the PhiCube Analyzer, create a new window, and display the data.