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Program loss of eSignal connection

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When that loss occurs p3a puts up warning boxes one after another too fast to close all of them. It tells me to close everything but that's not possible as the warning boxes appear faster in huge quanities than I can remove them. They must be removed to unlock computer and shut things down. Sometime get a windsock error also.

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  • The winsock error is a eSignal error which means the local eSignal Data Manager is telling me they can no longer communicate with the eSignal server on the internet.  ESignal gives me no more information than that.  Things that have caused this in the past are 1) an internet line that occasionally drops for a short time, 2) an old eSignal data manager that needs to be upgraded to the latest version 11, 3) the data manager and P3A program are not both 64 bit or 32 bit but mixed or 4) another program on your computer is interfering with the data manager communication.

    Richard Carlin