Welcome to Using Chat


The program has a chat window that remains open at all times.  You can talk with other members of the team, share information, studies, charts, and other items in the program.


The Structure of Chat


The Chat window has five basic areas.



1 Main Chat Window -All the text from all users in the channel will be displayed here.


2 Text Entry - Type your message here  to add your message to the current chat channel and press enter when done.


3 User List - The list of people currently in the chat channel


4 Channel List - A pull down with the list of channels available to you.


5 Chat Menu -A menu of available options for chat.


Main Chat Window



This window shows all the messages by the users in the chat channel. Anytime you see text underlined you can click on it. Each entry is composed of the following:


Time of the message


Chat Channel Name


User Name - The person sending the message and it is underlined because you can click on it.    If you click on the name it will setup the text entry to send a private message to that user. 


Message - This is message sent by the user.  If the message contains a url and you click on it, a browser will be launched which will show the page.  In the above example someone has added their chart to the chat channel ("Click here to view my Chart").  Clicking on the link will popup a chart setup exactly as the person who posted it.


Right Click Menu


You can right click in the main chat window to get a menu which is also the same as the Chat Menu.



View Chat - This will bring up the chat history message with the current days chat.



This window is a good way to review the chat for the day.  Sometimes it is hard to read earlier postings in the main chat window because whenever a new message is added the window scrolls to the end.  Chat View allows you to review the days chat without being interrupted by scrolling.  Just click on a different date to see the chat on a different day.


Toggle Full Screen - Because the main chat window is a browser window you cant use a double click to make the window full screen.  This is the only window with this limitation.  Use the chat menu or right click menu and choose Toggle Full Screen to expand and contract the chat window to and from Full Screen mode.


Chat Properties - This will bring up preferences with the preferences set to chat preferences



You can easily change the colors in the chat window to your liking.  If you want to the change the font size click "Chat Font Size" under Display



This number is the standard html font size and can be set from 1 -7.  The "Font Chat" farther down in the property window will change the font in all the areas of the window that is not the main chat window i.e. User List.


Text Entry


Click in this area and then type in any message  to add to chat.  The message will not be sent until your press enter.   If you wish to spell check the message before sending, click the button to the right of the text entry.



 If there is a misspelling it will popup a spelling window to correct it.



After all the corrections have been made the window will automatically close and then you can press enter to send the message. Messages from administrators will always appear in bold type in the main chat window.


Command List - You can enter a number of commands into the chat by starting the message with a right slash immediately followed by the command then space followed by addition information.


/announce - Toggles on and off notification of users logging on and off.


/channels - Lists all the channels you have access to.  You can also get this from the channel pull down.


/friends - Displays a list of friends from the Community Site.


/help - displays a list of all commands and emoticons in the chat main window.


/join channelname - join another channel.


/private username message - This will send a message only to the username listed and no one else.


/refresh - Updates the list of user online and downloads the chat history again.


/reply message - send a private message to the person who last sent you a private message.


/rooms - Lists all the channels you have access to.  You can also get this from the channel pull down. This is the same as /channels.


/tell username message - This will send a message only to the username listed and no one else. This is the same as /private.


Administrator Command List - Administrators have an addition list of commands they can use.


/ban username - (administrator only) this will ban the user following the command from the channel.


/unban username -  (administrator only) this will allow the user to access the team  channel again.


/banner message - (administrator only) The message following the banner command will be added as the logon banner of the chat channel.  The banner will also list the name of the user who changed it.


/moderate on - (administrator only)  This will lock the channel so only the person using this command can talk in the chat channel.  Other users cannot post messages but they can continue to send private messages.


/moderate off - (administrator only)  This will unlock the channel so everyone can talk in the chat channel again . 


/silence username - (administrator only) This will prevent the user from being able to type messages in the chat channel.


/ talk username - (administrator only) This will allow the user to type messages in the chat channel again.


Emoticons - By using specific keystroke you can add face icons representing your mood.























Knocked out








































Any time one of these keystrokes in in a message it is replaced by the corresponding emoticon. Typing in "Hello Everyone :)" becomes in the chat main window



User List


This list all the users currently in the chat channel.  Below are some options in the user list.


Administrators - Administrators will always show up in Orange in the list making it easy to know who to contact regarding administrative issues.


Send a Private Message - Just click on a user name it will automatically setup the type text for a private message.  When the user sends a private message back to you can click reply to automatically setup the type text for a private message back to him.


Right Click Menu - If you right click on a user name you will get four options.



Send Private Message - This will do the same as left clicking on the name.  It will setup a private message to the user in type text. When the user sends a private message back to you can click reply to automatically setup the type text for a private message back to him.


Start Conversation - This will call a community site message web page where you can type in a message and send it through the community site to the user.  The next time the user checks his home page he will see your message.




When the user clicks on the conversation it will set him up to reply to your message, the reply will show up in your home page.


View Profile - This will show the community site profile of the user.



Ignore - This will toggle an ignore on and off for the user so his messages will not appear in your main chat window.


Channel List


This is a pull down listing all the channels you are authorized for. 



This list will have all the channels from all the teams you belong to.  Just click on the channel you want to join.


Private channels - Administrators can create channels (See "Chat Management") that are private and can be assigned to a user to run the channel (the channel owner).   The channel owner become an administrator for the private channel and has the ability to add and remove other users from the private channel.  The channel owner has the following two additional commands.


/allow username - This will extend membership to the user and allow him in the private channel.


/deny username - this will remove the users access to the private channel .



Sharing and Copying Data To Chat


Chat can be used to share various types of information between users of the chat channel.


Viewing a Share - If a user is sharing out anything such as a chart, see " Sharing", the name of the person will have a underscore under it and will be in red.



Click on the name and the share will popup in a new window. 


Copying Data To Chat - Various parts of the program have a right click menu option called "Copy xxxx to chat" .  Clicking on this option will put a link in chat that is a copy the current contents of the window.  If a user clicks on the link it will popup  a window with the contents of the link.  For example, if you have a chart you wish to show others, you can right click in the chart and select "Copy Chart to Chat" and it will put a link in chat



If anyone clicks on this link it will pop up a chart with the exact same template as the chart that was copied to chat.  Any user can copy the following to chat for other users to view and use.


Chart (also includes the template and all studies)


Quote List









All links in chat will remain in chat history can be clicked from Chat History.