Welcome to How to Fill a Watchlist with a Search


Using the Main Menu Search


Any search can be sent immediately to a watchlist as a list of symbols from the search menu. 


Make sure that Send To Watchlist is highlighted in the menu




Set the number of symbol in the limit search box.  We will use the default of 25




Click on either the list of team searches or your own searches and choose a search



The results of the search immediately appear in the watchlist.  You can also limit the search to another watchlist of symbols.  If we choose DJ 30 stocks, then run the search we get a new watchlist where the symbols only come from the Dow 30 Industrials.


Finally if you which to send the search to the search builder instead of a watchlist, click the "Send to Search Builder" button.




In this case the search populates the search builder window.  Just click the search button and you will see the compete results in the search results window.




Using the Search Results Window


Replace Watchlist Content - Then just hold the mouse pointer down over the blue box and drag it over a watchlist.  The list of symbols will then populate the watchlist.




Append to Watchlist Content -If you hold the shift key down while dragging, the symbols will be appended to the watchlist instead of replacing the watchlist contents


Replace Watchlist Content with Tagged symbols Only - If you hold the ctrl key which dragging, only the tagged symbols will be placed in the watchlist.