Welcome to Transferring a Search Result to a Portfolio


You can see how a search does in real time by creating a portfolio from the search results.  First Run Your Search either in the search builder or a watchlist.  See "How to Build and Run a Search".  Then open a portfolio window by clicking "Main Menu" ==> "Components" ==> "Portfolio".



This will bring up the portfolio window.  Place the mouse over the blue square in the search or watchlist window (the cursor will change to the cross meaning you can drag and drop). 



Hold the left mouse button down and move the mouse into the portfolio window until the cursor changes.



Release the left mouse button and it will add all the symbols from the search or watchlist window.  A New Portfolio Account window will pop up. 



Enter in a portfolio name and a description if you wish and it will setup the portfolio as if you bought 100 shares of each symbol right now with the current price.



Click on the name of the portfolio to activate the tabs, then click on the holdings tab to see the gain or loss.  The charts will be updated once an hour and this can be reset in preferences.